Head Hunting

We've been assisting businesses find the qualified people they need for the last 20 years, now you can access the same capabilities companies large and small have enjoyed in getting the right people they need in a timely manner.

As a start up and small business, we understand the difficulties involved. We understand you have hiring needs, but as a small business can't afford the 20+% placement fees other agencies charge. This is why we've set our standard rates at a reasonable 10% of the first years salary. That way you can afford to get the representation you want, to get the people you need at a cost you can afford.

Business Services

Outsourced offshore and nearshore services to reduce costs while increasing availability, response time and customer satisfaction.

•Our 24x7 service centers are located across the USA, Philippines, Mexico, and China, allowing us to cover the following languages:



•Mandarin & Cantonese


Coming Soon:French, Arabic

•Our centers feature secure access, redundant power and Internet, modern IT and Computing equipment, and experienced leadership.

Outsourcing / Offshoring

•Customer Service (all channels)




•Billing and Invoicing (PCIDSS)*

•Inventory Management



•Appointment Scheduling

•eCommerce Management

•Inbound Sales

•Data Entry

•Community / Media Moderation

•Medical (HIPAA)**

•Security system monitoring

And much more…

#branding / #marketing

•Branding Strategy

•Graphic Design


•E-mail Marketing

•In-Stream Video

•Content Writing


•Social Influencers

•Viral campaigns

And much more…

IT / Tech Services

•Shopping Cart integration

•CAD / Design

•Back office software

•Enterprise resource planning

•Customer relationship management

•Manufacturing resource planning

•Network Operations

•App Development




•CMS integration / development

•IT/Tech Support

•Web development

And much more…

Payment Systems

Cross-border payment solutions for multi-nation clients

Warehouse / Fulfillment

Outsourced offshore and near shore services to reduce costs while increasing availability,response time and customer satisfaction


•Midwest based warehouse locations provide a combined 100,000 square feet of drop ship and medium/long-term storage ability.

•Climate controlled secured facilities that are serviced daily by all major carrier and shipping services.

•Centralized location in the Midwest allows for quick and equidistant shipping times to both coasts, and to the majority of Canada, allowing for more predictable time frames and costs.


•Our fulfillment services were designed from the ground up to support eCommerce sellers of all sizes.

•Fulfillment is backed by our services and integrated into our full eCommerce solutions, or available as a standalone product.

•Midwest USA location allows us to source excellent and trustworthy fulfillment staff at a very competitive rate.

Shipping & Logistics

•We have extensive experience in shipping and logistics from Asia to the Americas and Europe. We can assist you in building an optimal solution for your needs.

•Leverage our shipping providers for lower cost direct to consumer shipping requirements without the hassle of setting up an in-house solution.

•Combine with our services for a complete eCommerce solution.

Manufacturing Services- Internal and contract manufacturing solutions, including design,prototyping, sourcing and manufacture solutions for all your needs


•We utilize a network of internal and contract manufacturing facilities to provide a comprehensive solution from idea to product.

•Our experts can realize your needs from idea to product, including design, prototype to sourcing and manufacturing.

•China based manufacturing of electronics, textiles and clothing, consumer goods.

•US based manufacturing of food powders (supplement) and specialty products per contract.

•Other countries available on a need-by-need basis for manufacturing and assembly.

Manufacturing Support

•Tired of quality issues and frequent trips to your existing China based manufacturer? Our Quality Control agents in Shenzhen act as your agent to monitor, audit and verify quality of all production runs.

•Issues sourcing quality components? Our Shenzhen based sourcing experts have years of experience in finding and procuring the exact parts or ingredients you need globally.