Lots of talk going around about Facebook and its IPO.    Even mention that the employees at Facebook might have some deep morale issues.    This would usually mean an employee exodus.    Where will they go?    And who should be looking for them? 


          So you're not feeling the love after your company's IPO.    Really you feel used and abused.    You gave your blood, sweat and tears.    OK, the blood was for the Red Cross drive, but you still gave blood.    Now you couldn't sell your stock to buy a sandwich.    But don't fret all is not lost.    You still have your skills.    They are some of the most in demand skills in the country.    While the majority see an average 8.9% unemployment, yes it fluctuates, in your industry you can sit comfortably knowing it's around 3%.    Really just those of you who are on a sabbatical or just haven't found the right company yet. 


          Where can you go?    Well, there are a lot of companies that use similar open-source technologies as Facebook.    There are many start-ups that are saving money on licensing and putting it into their employees.    If you want something with more large corporation security, Amazon is HUGE!    They have an amazing amount of developer and associated openings all over the country, really the world.    They use open-source technology and have a somewhat similar culture to Facebook.     This will probably give you less of a shock during your adjustment period. 


          Google is always a possibility.    Again, open-source, somewhat similar culture, good pay, jobs all over the world.           If you are working for either of these companies as a recruiter, you should be on Facebook chasing down those engineers.    I've looked, hardly any are posted to the job-boards.    Since they work at Facebook, they are more than likely on there and accepting of contact. 


          Point being, I'm glad you got time in with a company like Facebook.    You've had a ride that few others out there ever get to experience.    Though it may have left you feeling like you over paid for the experience, it will still be great for you when you look at these other companies for opportunities.    You can stick around and continue to pay for the mistakes of your executives, or you can find an opportunity with a company that already knows WHAT it is doing. 


          I'd offer to help you out more directly, but all the positions I'm working on right now are Microsoft technology based.    But, hey, if that's your skillset, hit me up. 


John Reagan 

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