Among the issues running rampant in the street these days, I constantly hear about how we need to bolster our oil production.  How we need to frack for more energy resources.  I guess what I don't understand is, "why?".  There is no oil shortage or production issue I can see here.  There is more a shortage of action due to excessive greed.  Let me explain before you write this off as a conspiracy piece. 


          It is no secret how much oil companies are profiting in the current environment.  It is also no secret the America is no longer the main focus market for these companies.  So why do we protect them, their financial interests and let them get away with suppressing or holding back technologies that would allow the use of less or no gasoline at all?  No, I'm not talking about the electric car.  They are cute and a decent direction for continuing to support our energy industries, but you are just feeding another incumbent group who's old perspectives allow them to further take advantage of the situation, i.e. your power company. 


          For decades now oil production companies have had technology to yield greater than 1,000 miles per gallon in the average size car.  That is not a typo, that is not a made up number, that is a documented fact.  So where is it? If oil companies are working directly with car manufacturers to produce car power plants, why has this technology not reached the mainstream? 


          I can understand why this would be the case. It makes complete business sense to maximize your future production outputs on a limited resource and its associated uses by your consumers.  Does it makes sense from a consumer perspective?  Absolutely NOT.  Even from a citizenship perspective, this would be considered controlling the market for your produced commodity to fix the price and your estimated profits.  In short it should be considered treason against the American people and their way of life. 


          Let's take this a little further and show how these larger companies leverage the government in place for their own ends.  Not so long ago an independent inventor designed a device that when put on any car, with any motor would double the mileage.  A simple pressurized steaming device it would inject a bit of steam into the intake manifold.  Pretty simple really, yet the yield was tremendous.  This patent was purchased and shelved.  The inventor did not make another. 


          A couple decades after this during the 1970's fuel issues, another individual had a great idea about how to increase mileage.  He created a vapor system which vaporized the gas completely prior to putting to the cylinder to be burned.  Currently, even with the advanced injector systems we have today, the fuel is a mist, still droplets.  This is not the most efficient use of gasoline.  Liquid gas does not burn, the fumes or vapor is what burns.  Simply, to get the most efficient burn from your fuel it should be vaporized prior to being put into the cylinders.  You can expect to see 100mpg or better using a system such as this one.  The creator of this system, refused to sell it to the oil companies who constantly harassed him about it.  He was found dead in the desert, overdosed on pills and alcohol.  Does that sound like something the inventor of a device that would change the way we view driving our cars would have done to himself? 


          Which brings me to the early to late nineties and an inventor by the name of Paul Pantone.  Mr. Pantone developed an additional method to the vapor usage by introducing, pressure and magnetic force to the system.  This causes the vapor to become a plasma.  Ultimately separating the molecules to their individual atoms.  This means an engine using Mr. Pantone's GEET Reactor can use most anything as a fuel.  That is correct, use most anything.  This device has shown the possibility of running a combustion engine on salt water, soda and runs best on mixtures of crude oil and water.  It also runs cleaner.  By burning plasma vapors you achieve such a high burn temperature that no carbon is built up. This also leads to greater engine life, increased horsepower and torque.  


          Amazing, right?  Well then why would this not be on every single engine currently in use?  If we look at the historical precedent, we can see that Mr. Pantone has also been met with extreme measures to obtain his patent rights and ultimately suppress his technology.  He went through a long road of out right inhumane practices to try and coerce him into releasing his patents to the government and eventually the oil companies.  Luckily for us and the rest of the world community Mr. Pantone held strong.  He teaches the technology and sells rights for distributors. I got the honor of speaking briefly to Mr. Pantone.  Even though it was short, it was very informative.  


          Sadly, due to the conditions he has faced and the lack of acceptance her in the US, Mr. Pantone has decided to move abroad.  Where other countries are accepting of his technology and putting it into practice.  To me this is the highest example of the degradation of our social system.  No longer can the individual come up with a "better mouse trap" and expect to reap the benefits.  Instead they can expect ridicule, threats and potentially even physical harm for trying to make the lives of others better.  


          These are just small examples of the injustices organizations such as Occupy Wall Street should be sighting.  This isn't just about financial companies and the mess they caused selling bad loans, but all instances where a corporation has leveraged their knowledge and trust from our society even our civility to perform white collar crimes.  All the time knowing what they are doing is wrong, but really who will hold them accountable?  The government, as in Congress or the White House?  Not very likely.  It only leaves us, the citizens to hold them all accountable, financiers, corporate execs, and our Congress.  


          I will let you in on this huge secret once more, "There is no oil crisis, there is no need for further drilling.  There is only a need for action to use technology that has been around for decades." 



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