The City of North Las Vegas is launching a new campaign to attract business to the area.  With a growth rate of 80+% over the last 10 years there is a definite consumer base.  You can check the city's site via the image above.  They make some compelling points.  Land available for development, inexpensive office and retail space and the support of the local municipality.  

          Why would we want to move our offices or even open a new one there?  Well, the points above are notable.  Even more so, if you look at the cost of living, it is considerably less than other areas of comparable size and culture influence.  What better place to woo a client than Las Vegas?  There are world class restaurants, shows and an environment to help open the dialog.  

          When you look at it in the sense of quality of living for your employees you will also find gains.  There are an average of 210 days of sun per year.  The cost of housing has declined significantly.  Houses that were once in the million dollar range are averaging $200K - $300K.  If you are looking for a McMansion in the sun they are easily affordable here.  For recreation, the area offers many parks, mountains to hike and Disneyland 4 hours away.  These are some of the gains for your staff by having offices in this area. This can lead to happier, healthier and more productive employees. 

          I have heard people say the college is a big problem. Companies want to have access to a pool of recently qualified candidates. From my experience recruiting for some large companies, you do not end up with a significant enough addition to warrant locating your operations in higher cost locations. A strong College Recruiting department should yield you the best and brightest coming out of universities nation-wide. 

          When you get down to it, a geographic area is made up of the people that occupy it. The things that are important to them show in the development of the community. If intelligent and driven people move into an area and live there, work there, breath there, then the area will grow and prosper in very positive ways. 


John Reagan 

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