We are on the verge of nay, a precipice of new devices and functionality coming at us from various media channels. So, why do I not feel all tingly and excited about any of the new devices? Because, even though I am a self proclaimed techno-junkie, it feels so good in your hands, when it comes to phones there is a major draw back that comes along with each and every one of them. One, most people were not considering when buying a new "I'm Drooling," piece of technology prior. Now the question is immediately exposed on release, "What are the carrier costs?". It costs how much for the service plan?!?!?  


          This became a serious concern to me as I looked at how much of our monthly income was going to which bills. Though the bigger carriers tout better phones and I guess customer service, I went with BoostMobile. Phones are satisfactory, mostly unsubsidized Android for the smartphones. It is the reason I will most likely not end up with a Windows 8 phone. Though they are nice, I don't see the larger spread of options you get with Android phones. Apple fills, "the same for all" category, so Microsoft and Nokia would appear to be filling the, "only a few options" category? Still, I am not seeing it as a compelling enough reason to pay up to $1,000 extra a year or more for the same service I get now. 


          When I look back on what I remember of Nokia phones, they were always elegantly designed, "Check" for the new phones. But even more so, they were solid, well built, drop in a puddle kind of phones. (I do not endorse dropping Nokia phones in puddles for the sake of testing. It is up to you to blow your cash on that one.) These phones are nice, the WinPh8 OS is pretty, so why do I not feel like I need it enough, oh yeah, Excessive carrier costs! It also looks fragile. Something about how the screen is set in the casing, it looks like it could pop out at any moment. Not that it would, but that would be my major fear in dropping one. 


          What, is it giving me, over my current phone and service? I guess, I would like to get more value over my currently owned and used product to justify the purchase, and 2 year agreement to jump on the WinPh8 wagon. You see Microsoft, there is nothing wrong with the MobileOS you've made, you've just kept it locked down, limited it on your own terms, which is fine. But your greatest successes have always come from more open support and distribution models. Everything you've done looks amazing and the world would love it, if you would let it. Instead you lock it down with limited OEMs and carriers. This isn't what made your previous successes, being on all PCs did, even Macs. 


          Don't even get me started on the iPhone 5 coming out. Unless it has a holographic projector, I won't be impressed. Perhaps that is the real technology Sharp is having issue with manufacturing? OK, maybe a built in pico-projector? Then you could finally share some of that media you get to borrow from Apple. Thank you for pointing that one out Mr. Bruce Willis. 


          Please don't take it as cynisism, it's more just disappointment. Here we are in this shaky economy and no company is making any stride to be the must have device. Even now Apple will ride on the laurels of it's previous success. Microsoft is trying to follow Apple, rather than realize they are about to get passed up by Linux/Ubuntu. Microsoft forgot, it's about getting "it" on as many devices as you can. If they are the ones you sell great, if not, just deeper you are in that industry. 

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