Recently, and as usual, I checked my list of people who have peeped at my LinkedIn profile. Pretty normal thing to do. I've found following up on those can yield connections that perhaps may not have happened for one reason or another. There was one in particular that caught my attention. The profiles associated with the company are few and with good reason. 


          You see, this is a Microsoft stealth start up known as Neodymium. From the looks of it all of the people were previous Microsoft folks. I've even found mention that they are working on a Microsoft RAREEarth magnet project. 


          Yet, when I poke around on-line, and yes that is my job, I don't find much else. No web-page, no articles, no mentions other than the LinkedIn profiles. Which, honestly, you guys aren't very stealth if I can even find that information. They do appear to be a distributed team, mostly focused in California. 


          If anyone has any idea what they are up to, I'd love to hear about it. What is Microsoft doing with magnets? And the weakest ones available? 


John Reagan 

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