OK, so that is a bit on the sensational side of things.  But, if you have more than one social network account you know how much time it can take to utilize that resource to its full potential.  This is why an aggregator is such a valuable tool.  One such social network aggregator is HootSuite.  Like others in this category it brings in your social network updates, search strings and assoicated account contacts.  Where it really rises above the rest is the cost to functionality ratio.  For $9.99 a month you can use the Professional version, providing most business professionals and even some very social individuals, with everything they need to get time back for "IRL" social networking. 


Some of the highlights:  

  • Cost effective: For most uses it will be free to $9.99 a month. 

  • Many Social Networks: It Includes many of the major social networks.  They are continually upgrading the specific functionality for each network as well. 

  • Custom Tabs: The tabbing system is very familiar to many.  It allows you to create custom areas for certain networks, campaigns or even 3rd party applications from their app center. 

  • 3rd Party Applications: This is always a blessing an a curse, but with Hootsuite it seems to be more a blessing.  This allows for additonal functionality provided by other sites or the community. 

  • Auto-Scheduling: Very nice for a set it and forget it, as it will post at high view times for that network and posting. 

  • Web-Based and Apps: It is a Browser based system, so no matter your operating system it will work.  There are also apps available for iOS and Android. 

  • Enterprise Ready: They have an Enterprise level package.  This allows for more reporting as well as control over your organization and team members' posting and accounts. 

  • Finally, they offer an additional certification service for another $21 a month to current Pro subscribers.  I would say this is worth the extra money.  It gives you a great overview of the full functionality available in HootSuite.  With your specific industry in mind, you should have many "Ah-ha!" or "That is going to help." moments. 


          Where does HootSuite lack?  They need some deeper development on LinkedIn intergration and G+.  When it comes to FaceBook and Twitter, HootSuite is almost better than logging in directly.  When it comes to LinkedIn, they are missing things such as People Search and posting to tabs in groups.  These would be functionalities not only for recruiters, but other business professionals as well.  Posting to Tabs in the Groups helps to make sure the Group Admin doesn't have to keep moving posts that should be under a certain tab, say the Jobs Tab in a LinkedIn Group. 


          When it comes to G+, they have been officially allowed to integrate with G+ Pages.  I undertand Google's approach here, but even as a individual and not a brand or business, using HootSuite can save so much time, it's worth allowing the integration.  This is a reservation of Google, not a lack of effort on the part of HootSuite. 


          The good news is, Hootsuite appears to be very responsive to its user community.  They have an active Feedback and Help center community. 


           Who can benefit from using HootSuite?  The shorter answered question would be, "who probably will not benefit much using HootSuite?"  The person with one social network account they hardly ever use.  Otherwise, most everyone using multiple social network accounts or very active on them will benefit.  As a recruiter it is a no brainer.  If you're not using HootSuite you should atleast be using something like it. Though from the ones I have seen, used and left HootSuite comes in at a more than reasonable price.  It provides great functionality for both active personal and business use. 


          I make no money from Hootsuite, I write this of my own accord.  I'm not affiliated with them, just a user who finds it a valuable tool.  



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