For some time now I have had a Zune Music Pass.  I also have an HD2 which I love for its flexibility and power.  For the value of the two I really can't complain.  I'm not big on having multiple gadgets on me if I can help it.  So I was ecstatic when I figured out how to sync my Zune Pass DRM'd music with my HD2 running Windows Mobile 6.5.  With WinPh7, there is an app for that. Getting it working on your WinMob6.5 is really just as easy.  I'll start with that and move on to the Android part. 


        If you have a HD2, surprise, you can sync your Zune Pass music with it.  First, connect the device to your computer.  I prefer the USB cable.  Make sure the Mobile Device Center loads up and connects to the HD2. 


          Open up Windows Media Player.  On the right hand side, click on the Sync Tab.  Here you should see your device listed.  You can now drag and drop your songs from your library to sync with your device.  As long as your DRM rights are up to date, the music will continue to sync and play on your HD2 in Windows Media Player Mobile. 


          Yes, it is really that easy.  Now the really cool part I discovered by accident.  I run an Android based ROM on my HD2.  If you want to do this as well, please just run a search and you will find multiple articles on the subject.  Just by chance, I was listening to music on my HD2 via the Android Music player.  As it played, I realized these were songs under my Zune subscription.  So, I found that, as long as the DRM is valid, even the Android Music Player will play your Zune Pass music.  Kind of a round about way to do it, but it has worked for me.  Hope that helps someone out there. 


John Reagan 

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