Through a series of minor events I ended up with two active cellphones.  Over the past couple of weeks I've noticed something very interesting about one of them.  Now you can say what you want about modern smart phone design, but it really is at a pinnacle of development.  As is said with most phones, battery life will vary, but one thing about battery life is always true, you Never have enough!  That's why I was completely surprised to see one of my phones lasting 4+ days with general use.

     It's true, battery life is actually at an amazing state in your phone.  When not constantly picked up and looked at, videos played, PUBG rounds, etc, etc, your battery can last 7-14 days.  Having two phones on my desk is what made me realize it.  That's why it's a Tale of Two Phones.

The City Phone:

     For the sake of story, we'll call my constantly in hand phone, The City Phone.  The City Phone is up before I am, resting on it's cradle before singing out sweet sounds to wake me from my sleep.  The City Phone is then picked up from it's comfy spot and brought to life with blasting light from it's screen.  Immediately, I'm checking notifications, reviewing emails, checking news updates, what's on my social feeds, P-I-N-G!  New text, with picture, add comment, check stock prices, friends chats...phew! 

     I'm getting spent up just typing this, and the City Phone is chugging away, drawing pictures on it's screen, sending info in the background, syncing up with other services.  Yeah, the City Phone gets around in a day and it's battery runs down about 4:30PM or so, then I plug it into a 5-Hour Energy outlet and it's good to go thru the evening.  Till I finish poking at it's belly to set an alarm time.  Resting it back on its comfy cradle, before laying my head down.  And as the City Phone dreams, it dreams of syncing messages in the background, so maybe it really sleeps with one eye open.

The Country Phone:

     The Country phone gets up when there's work to be done.  Not one for needless checking in, the country phone reserves energy for when it's needed.  Country Phone doesn't concern itself with notifications of news, tweeter and PeopleBook. 

     That's not to say Country Phone is any less phone than City Phone.  Oh, no, Country Phone's processor is only one version off from City Phone.  And some say that Country Phone's Camera is way better.  Country Phone even has some features City Phone doesn't.  But Country Phone only uses those features as needed.  Country phone isn't narcissistically checking feeds.  Country Phone is always there and ready with a good charge left in its battery when you need it to make a call or send a text.  Because Country Phone doesn't have most of the things on it that would work in the background and run down the battery Country Phone doesn't need to be plugged in very often. 

     Country Phone can go 4+ days with regular use and with its Battery Saver engaged 14+ days.  Something else about Country Phone that I can't quite understand, I feel more calm when I pick up Country Phone.  Country Phone only has what was on it from the manufacturer.  And even then I took off FaceBook and anything not simply communication related.  It's on Wifi, has Bluetooth turned on and checks email.  That's pretty much it.  Calls, Texts, email, light web surfing.  Once in a while some videos, but not all day long.  So much of Country Phone's time is spent on my desk, watching the day move to night and back again.  I imagine it gets some sleep unlike City Phone.


     The City Phone does a lot during the day.  It's busy doing all kinds of things.  It doesn't think it's better than the Country Phone, but it does do more in the end.  Which is why the City Phone needs a 5-Hour Energy charge before finishing off the day.  If you want your City Phone to last longer, take some of the things you don't need all the time off it so it can work more like Country Phone.  Perhaps only check FaceBook and Linkedin when you're at a computer.  And maybe you'll work more like Country Phone too!  Or learn to accept that part of the problem with battery life isn't the technology but our over use of it.


City Phone - Played by a LG G7 ThinQ

Country Phone - Played by a LG V30, little banged up but still works great

Narrator - Played by Myself