With crude oil projected to break $200 a barrel, will Telecommuting become the new Golden Benefit? 

          It has been a while since we have seen crude oil prices rise to these levels.  The last time, we were in an economic boom.  Though the prices were high we could more easily afford it.  With the economy we have today, this alone can create some considerable issues for recruiters trying to bring in the top talent. 

          As Staffing Agents, Recruiters, Head Hunters, whatever you title yourself or your company titles you, we are always looking for those things that can help us close candidates on our positions.   With the very high possibility it will now cost over $200 to fill up the family Suburban, companies, now more than ever need to look at telecommuting as a solid benefit, not an additional perk.  

          Currently, at a little over $100 a barrel we are facing $3.30+ a gallon depending on your geographic location.   Double it.   So what ever distance you drive, time you spend in traffic, the raw cost will double.   Paying close to $150 now to fill-up, it'll be $300 soon enough.   I'm not trying to bring the gloom with this post, but just hopefully open some minds.   Just think about what you are spending currently, can you actually afford that to double? 

          Companies need to be aware of the pressures this will put on their employees.   How this will effect their respective employment decisions.   Perhaps your employee who drives 30 miles each way, will look for companies closer to home.   Causing you to loose valuable talent.   Perhaps another company offers telecommuting and the savings on fuel and time out weighs any variance in pay you can offer. 

          I'm not saying telecommuting is easy to implement.   I'm not saying it is a lighting bolt to strike down the increasing cost of just getting to work.   I'm saying companies need to be willing to adjust their employment and work environment strategies to the global environment.   Be almost overly considerate to your employees and the issues they face daily.   Be ready to make changes to keep them working for you and not your competitor. 

          It would amaze you how just showing a little understanding to someone else's situation and needs can yield such loyalty. 

John Reagan 



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