Boredbrains is founded on three principles:

  • Respect - We respect our candidates and clients equally.  we know we'll have to earn your respect through our actions and strive to do so!
  • Integrity - We earn your trust the same way we do your respect, through our actions, by following up in a timely manner, by doing the things we say we'll do, by delivering on our agreements, that's integrity
  • Transparency - we keep things as open as possible.  We provide feedback to candidates when available.  transparency is the key to making sure you can trust us.  We have nothing to hide, except maybe our secret sauce, ;-) 

John E Reagan III



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Everyday Leaders: The Wisdom of Everyday Leaders Doing Extraordinary Things 






     Growing up a military brat, John was always immersed in diverse environments.  After some time in HVM Warehousing, his interest in people and technology was recognized by a friend and Recruiting Mentor, Michael Sullivan.  After helping Mike successfully launch Sullivan Group LLC, the impact of the DotCom bubble led John away from recruiting and into Customer Support.  John worked at Microsoft PSS on contract, where he regularly exceeded all KPI expectations and confounded his managers with his depth of technical knowledge. took a liking to John during an interview and found his vision and ideas interesting.  This landed him a permanent role in their Customer Support team.  It was there that he realized the core of any successful business is Customer Service.  Bringing with him the personalized, focused approach taught to him under Mike, John quickly rose through the ranks of the Speakeasy Call Center to become Corporate Trainer in 4 short years.

     Once again, John’s Recruiting Mentor called upon him and his technical understanding to help bring order to a chaotic group.  This time it was at Siemens Business Services, hiring Agency contractors for Microsoft, where John would stay for the next 4 and a half years.  Successfully fending off the efforts of three major recruiting agencies, he helped to lead Siemens into technical prowess among vendors.  Since he was in such a strong position with Microsoft, his request to work remotely from Las Vegas was approved.  Times were good, for a while.

     Due to the housing market fallout and the Great Recession, John was forced into a long government sponsored vacation, where he entertained his interest in theoretical physics, book writing and poker.  At the end of the vacation, he started a contract with an Amazon subsidiary.  Then contracts with Avanade twice, then the Venetian, Capgemini and most recently IBM, where he was assisting with their assimilation of teams from acquisitions.  Each time, his skill, ability and understanding of the operations growing.